Technical sheets

choice of piping

N°001 Determination of a pipe

abacus for determining the internal diameter of a pipe
Formation hydraulique 2

N°002 vocabulary english

listing of hydraulic vocabulary words technical french
Formation hydraulique 2

N°003 vocabulary english

Hydraulics  : Part of physics that studies the laws that govern the balance and movement of liquids as well as their industrial applications.
test box hydraulic coil

N°004 Test a coil of a hydraul

The intensity that passes through the coils depends on the impedance (resistance) of the winding as well as the supply voltage.
Limiteur pression a action directe

N°005 Direct acting pressure r

The role of the main pressure limiter is to protect the pump from overpressure.
Limiteur de pression a ation pilotee 1

N°006 pilot operated pressure

The role of the main pressure limiter is to protect the pump from overpressure. The pump generates a flow that must be directed at all times: - To the hydraulic receivers. - To the tank using a directional valve. - To the tank using a pressure relief valve.
Pompe a4vg pression constante 1

N°7 Pressure pump setting

The Rexroth "A4V" pump is a variable displacement piston pump that can be used in open circuit (A4VSO) and loop circuit (A4VSG).
Pression 4

N°8 how to create a pressure

Relative pressure : the pressure read on the pressure gauges in the hydraulic circuits. Atmospheric pressure : Pressure exerted by the air on the earth's surface (about 1 bar). Absolute pressure: It is the addition of the relative pressure and the atmospheric pressure (total pressures).
Reduction de pression a action directe 3

N°9 Pressure reducer direct ac

The role of the pressure reducing valve is to protect a part of the hydraulic circuit by reducing the pressure. Some examples: - Protect the brake of a hydraulic motor. - Provide reduced pressure to hydraulic joystick controls. - Reduce the pressure of a control circuit.

N°10 Pressure reducer pilot op

The role of the pressure reducing valve is to protect a part of the hydraulic circuit by reducing the pressure. Some examples: - Protect the brake of a hydraulic motor. - Provide reduced pressure to hydraulic joystick controls. - Reduce the pressure of a control circuit.

N°11 Dismantling pressure rel

In the hydraulic diagram, the pressure relief valve is located between the pump and the distributor. The assembly is sandwiched between a manifold block and a directional valve. Four O-rings will seal between each slice and will be assembled with four screws

N° 13 Bernoulli's theorem

In hydraulic circuits, the same component can be called choke, flow restrictor or flow limiter. The role of the flow limiter is to reduce the speed of the receivers (jacks or motors).

N°14 Press 40T

The specification states to size a hydraulic circuit to operate a press cylinder. We have a double-acting cylinder with a length of 30cm. The diameter of the piston is 160mm and the diameter of the rod is 80mm.

N° 16 2-way flow regulator

sheet explaining the operation of the 2-way flow regulator

N° 17 Operation 3-way flow re

The flow regulator keeps a constant flow regardless of the load of the receiver. There are two types of flow regulator: - 2-way flow regulator. - 3-way flow regulator.

N°18 Y directional valve

In hydraulics, the directional valve's role is to direct the oil towards the receivers. It can be "all or nothing" or proportional. The pilot order can be: - Electric. - Mechanical by lever or cable. - Hydraulic. - Pneumatic.

N° 19 Directional valve closed

There are 2 types of directional valves:      - A poppet valve: They have the distinction of being waterproof. On the other hand, their number of positions remain limited.      - With spools: They can be 3/2 - 4/3 - 6/3 ... On the other hand they are not waterproof.

N°20 tandem directional valve

The above directional valve is a Cetup type mounting (ISO standard). It is mounted on a drilled block and assembled with 4 screws. The seal between the drilled block and the distributor is provided by 4 O-rings.

N°21Directional valve open cen

The directional valves make it possible to direct the oil towards the receivers. We distinguish 2 large families - Poppet: the advantage of this type of directional valve is to be sealed internally when closed. - Spool : the advantage of this type of dispenser is to have a greater number of positions.

N°22 open / Loop circuit

The loop circuit will be reserved for rotary movements (motors). In very rare cases to linear movements. (Marine for example). Also called hydrostatic circuit, it is mainly found on mobile machines (public works, agriculture, forestry, marine, etc.)

N°23 Test cylinder

The role of the jacks is to transform hydraulic energy into linear force. There are 2 modes of action:      - Single acting cylinders.      - Double acting cylinders.

N° 66 car type relay connectio

The relay is regularly used in on-board electrical installations. (Light vehicle, heavy goods vehicles, public works equipment, agricultural equipment, etc. The relays separate the control circuits from the power circuits.

N°67 Directional valve LS (2 c

The 4/3 LS directional valve is progressive or proportional. The control can be manual, electric or hydraulic. It is used in mobile applications (public works, agriculture, ports, etc.). It makes it possible to manage the speed of the receivers and to facilitate the operation of the machines.
Img 20210118 122107

N°68 Check 3 & 4 wire sensor

The sensors make it possible, for example, to check the position or the presence of a piece. The inductive sensor detects ferrous objects while the capacitive sensor detects any material. These sensors are active sensors. They must be powered to work. These sensors must be checked with power.

N° 69 Setting of a Load Sensi

Load Sensing pumps are present in mobile applications. They make it possible to reduce energy consumption by adapting the flow rate to the pressure required for the operation of the machine.

N° 70 How to use an ammeter

Be careful when using the multimeter as an ammeter, it is imperative to insert it in series on the electrical circuit.
hydraulic pump control and adjustment

N°080 Contrôle et réglage des

A control of the pumps makes it possible to carry out preventive measures, to reduce the failure rate and the costs. An HS pump can pollute the entire hydraulic circuit. To control the efficiency of the pumps, it is necessary to install a flow meter and compare the theoretical flow with the flow measured under load.
Code couleur 1

N° 082 Electrical resistance

An electrical resistance causes a voltage difference across its terminals and reduces the flow of electrons (Intensity).
3 recouvrement tiroir

N° 083 Scal and recovery : pro

Choosing valves with proportional control makes it possible to control accelerations and decelerations. This choice gives access to a wide range of settings
Gain p 1

N° 084 proportional and PID

The PID regulator is an electronic card which makes it possible to perform mathematical calculations on signals in order to adjust the control signal to the requested setpoint.
Img 20220704 172908

N° 084 proportional and PID

.The proportional control regulation card is adjusted using a PC
La loi de l ohm

N° 086 Ohm's Law

Ohm's law relates the intensity of the electric current passing through an electric dipole to the voltage across it
1 distributeur ls avec balance de pression

N° 087 LS directional valve op

pressure balances which will allow the speed of the cylinders to be maintained when they operate simultaneously.
2 la diode

N° 088 Operation of diodes

Operation of diodes: how to test them?
1 implantation raccords

N° 089 Hydraulic fittings

The hydraulic coupling has 2 ends: • Installation: The fitting is screwed onto a drilled block or onto a hydraulic component. • The adaptation: This is the part of the connection where the flexible or rigid hydraulic is screwed.

N° 090 Origin of pollution

Most hydraulic failures are due to pollution (75%).
Transistor npn

N°092 Electrical symbolization

Find the main symbols needed to read diagrams
Transistors de faible puissance

N°093 Transistors

The bipolar transistor is a semiconductor, it is an electronic component which has 3 legs. There are two types of transistor: PNP and NPN.
4 alternateur

N°094 Alternator

A vehicle 's charging circuit must be capable of supplying the electrical current needed to recharge the battery and supply all of the vehicle's consumers
Graphique iso 4407

N°095 Pollution classes

The cost of filtration is a significant budget for maintenance. Good filtration extends the life of hydraulic components and reduces breakdowns, but you don't need over-quality.
Balance de pression en serie precompensee

N°096 Hydraulic pressure balan

Pressure balances can be installed : • In parallel • In pre-compensated series • In post-compensated series

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