Adjusting a hydraulic proportional control

The use of proportional control  valves makes it possible to meet the most demanding hydraulic applications. Proportional controls provide flexibility and precision compared to TOR (All or Nothing) controls.

Choosing valves with proportional control makes it possible to control accelerations and decelerations. This choice gives access to a wide range of settings (pressure or flow valves)

Proportional components feature ultra-low clearance sliders with sharp edges. Particular attention should be paid to oil pollution. Effective filtration must be implemented on the pressure in addition to the return filtration already present in all-or-nothing hydraulic systems (All Or Nothing).

Directional valve

The proportional valve used is a Wandfluh directional valve.

The proportional control regulation card is adjusted using a PC.

Schema cablage ampli distributeur proportionnel

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The settings

Reglage carte 1

1. The first setting is to select the type of valve used.

Reglage carte 2

2. "Command scaling" setting

Input signal  : Allows you to choose the input signal (voltage, current or digital).

Cable break  : Detection of cable break or short circuit.

Scaling  : Scaling of the minimum and maximum voltage delivered by the potentiometer. 0-10V, distributor to neutral at 5 V.

Deadband  : Define a deadband in % of the control.

Reglage carte 3

3. Command values fixed :

It is possible to activate fixed commands using contacts.

2 - The different settings

Reglage carte 4

4. Parameter ramp generator :

Adjustment of the ascending ramps (when the command is activated) and descending (when the command is released) for the 2 coils in seconds.

Reglage carte 5

5. Control value :

Setting for a feedback: This distributor does not have any feedback.

Reglage carte 6

6. Solenoid driver

Coil parameters: adjustment of I mini, I max. (jump and gain)

Reglage carte 7

7. Enable channel :

Activation of the regulation card by a contact for example.

Reglage carte 8

Note : All card settings must be made card disbled.


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